Saturday, February 25, 2012


Hello everyone! I am so excited to be starting my very first fashion blog! Here I will post pictures and write about everything and anything that's related to the magnificent world of fashion. I will post outfits of the day, looks for less, fashion-related things that I want, and anything that brings me inspiration. I am very into all things French, lacey, vintage, and girly. Most of the outfits that are "from my closet" will be VERY affordable and inexpensive, things that the average teen can easily get. Once in a while I might post some photos that I take, and think are worthy of sharing. I hope that everyone can get ideas and inspiration from this blog.
P.S. I wish to leave my identity a secret, because this blog is about the fashion, not me.

©FashionFromMyCloset 2012

(One of my attempts at photography)

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