Saturday, September 29, 2012

OOTD: Flowers in a Park

A week ago, when the weather was still beautiful, I went for a walk at a local park. It was so serene there, as if it was an escape from reality. I thought this dress was perfect because it was really fit in with the nature. I decided to pair it with my trusty chunky heels and this old-lady style purse. Hope you enjoy!  

Dress- Rue 21
Bag- Liz Clairborne
Shoes- White Mountain brand

Thursday, September 27, 2012

OOTD: A Little Bit of Bohemian

Today I really liked the outfit I wore to school, so I decided to share it with you! It's a lot more bohemian than I would usually go for, but I really wanted to go out of my comfort zone with fashion this year. Tell me what you think in the comments below!

Skirt- present from a friend
Shirt- Abercrombie (from a very long time ago)
Shoes- White Mountain brand
Bag- DSW
Ring- Forever 21

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Makeup Favorites

Hi everyone! So lately when I've been doing my makeup, I've realized that I keep reaching for the same products over and over again. I thought it'd be fun to make a blog post about all these products, which I can safely call my all-time favorite makeup products. 

Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation (230 Warm Ivory)- I am someone who will only wear foundation on special occasions. And when I do, it is always this one. I got this  foundation because the one I had been using before was way too light for me, and this one only cost $5! When I first tried this on I was surprised at how well it matched my skin-tone and how great the coverage was. Also, the little paddle made application very easy
NYC High Definition Mascara (854 Extreme Black)- I would have to say mascara is my favorite makeup product ever. I've tried many of them like Bad Gal Lash, The Falsies, and The Colossal. All of those mascaras were pretty good, but not compared to this one. It only cost $4-5, and made my eyelashes look like I was wearing false lashes! I only have to use one coat and I get incredibly long and full lashes. Love this mascara!
Maybelline Color Tattoo (top-45 Bold Gold, bottom- 25 Bad to the Bronze)- These two eyeshadows happen to be the only cream eyeshadows I own. I didn't really know what to expect, but once I tried these I was amazed! The colors are absolutely gorgeous and the pigmentation is great! Also, these are VERY long lasting and do not crease. I would even go as far as to say they are almost waterproof. I will definitely be repurchasing these once I run out. 
AVON Ultra Luxury Eye Liner (Black)- A while back my mom bought me this eyeliner for only $2. I used it a little and thought it was good, but then forgot about it. Recently I rediscovered it and I am in love! This eyeliner has a smooth application and lasts all day. I also love how the line is dark, but not too harsh. 
Sephora Flashy Liner Waterproof (08 Flashy Blue)- I bought this eyeliner while I was in NY for $8. Being cheap when it comes to make-up, this was on the pricey side for me. But when I swatched this in the store, I knew I had to get it no matter what the cost was. This aqua blue color is beyond gorgeous and compliments my brown eyes wonderfully! It is super pigmented and applies really creamily and easily. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. 
NYC 16H Smooch Proof Lip Stain (490 Persistent Pink)- I am a girl who loves lip stains. My hair doesn't stick to my lips when I wear them (like it does with gloss) and it lasts a really long time (unlike most lipsticks). I bought this for around $3-4, and for the price I think it's great! I really like that I can build up the color, from a light pink stain to a hot pink color. I can't say that this last for 16 hours like the package says (I didn't keep it on for that long), but it does last for quite some time. Also, I love using this for school because it doesn't come off when I play my instrument during band. 
Covergirl Natureluxe Gloss Balm (220 Peony)- I am someone who loves to be bold and wear things that will make me stand out. That's why I love wearing red lips! I don't really feel comfortable wear a full on red lipstick to school though because I feel like it's a little bit too much. So, this gloss balm is a great alternative. Since it's a balm it gives a more subtle red lip, perfect for school! Also it has a shiny finish so there is no need to add a sticky lip gloss. I don't exactly remember how much this was, but I'm thinking somewhere around $7-8.  

Thank you so much for reading! Leave requests of blog posts in the comments and I will try to do them! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

OOTD: Let's Go For A Hike...

Hi everyone! Today I went for a hike with my family. Now, I will admit I'm not really a "nature girl", but lately I've been loving shooting my OOTD's outside. I decided to wear something cute but comfortable for walking. I was forced to give up my wedges for these fringe flats and my dress for this tribal romper. Overall I actually really liked this outfit, even though it's not something I would usually wear. And, I don't know why the picture quality on some of the photos came out so bad. I will definitely try to fix that. 

Romper- Miley Cyrus & Max Azria
Jacket- Levi's
Shoes- Marshalls
Bag- Nine West
Belt- Forever 21

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Falling in Love With Fall!

Today I went to the park to take pictures of my outfit. It was such a beautiful day out! For the first time I noticed the leaves changing colors and got inspired to take a photo of them. Here's what I came up with!
P.S. I will have new posts up very soon!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Fall-Fashion Wishlist

Fall. There's just something about this season that always makes me want to shop more than usual. But with all the cute boots and sweaters, how can I not? So, since fall is right around the corner, I decided to make a fall-fashion wishlist. Although I can't afford most of these pieces, a girl's got to dream!

1- Over-sized cardigan
2- Polka-dot tights, Floral tights
3- Ankle booties
4- Wedge sneakers
5- Leather-sleeve jacket
6- Textured infinity scarf

XOXO, FashionFromMyCloset

Thursday, September 13, 2012

OOTD: Polka-Dot Peplum

I just wanted to share this quick outfit of the day of something I wore to school recently! And yes, I am being a daredevil and wearing white pants after labor day :)

Everything in this outfit is from Marshalls. (a.k.a. the best place to find super affordable and super cute clothes)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall Fashion Must-Haves

Fall is right around the corner, and for me it is the perfect season, fashion wise. You get to start wearing all those cute boots, but you can still get away with wearing wedges. You can break out all those cool sweaters, but you can still wear those dresses you loved so much during the summer. Fall is an overall great season to really experiment with different trends, and you can get away with wearing pretty much anything. Since fall is approaching, I decided to share some of my favorite trends for this season. 

Smoking Shoes- This fall trend has to be one of my favorites. I absolutely adore the look of these shoes because they are so classy, yet trendy at the same time. And you can wear them with almost anything.
Dalmatian, Blue, Studded, Leopard, Red Trimming, Green, Black

Collars- I've personally always loved wearing collared shirts because I felt like they always instantly polished up my outfits and gave me a "prep-school" vibe. More recently I've been obsessing over peter  pan collars because they're just so cute and girly.
Sweater, Khaki Blouse, Bird Blouse, Dress, Denim, Bedazzled Collar, Black Collar

(Faux) Fur- Now this is more of a wintery trend but faux fur accents can still be incorporated into your fall wardrobe. Not only will fur keep you warm, but it will add some luxuriousness to a plain outfit.
Coat, Vest,  Leg Warmers, Earmuffs, Poncho, Collar

Burgundy- Looking through my closet I don't seem to have too many burgundy pieces, which is a surprise since I love the color. I think it screams fall to me and adds that bit of elegance and glamour to an outfit (especially when pared with crystal details). 
Blazer, Leggings, Knit Sweater, Dot Sweater, Shoes, Dress

Coated Denim- I like this trend because it's a more understated way to get the look of leather pants (which I'm loving this season). Coated denim is a nice alternative to plain jeans.
Dark Gray, Light Brown, Purple, Silver, Burgundy, Black, Red

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Labor Day Weekend Haul

This Labor Day weekend I decided to go to Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, and Nordtsrom Rack to see what I could find; and boy did I find a lot! At Nordtsrom Rack I was able to find a cute blazer and some black oxfords that I can wear with anything. Then at T.J. Maxx I got some really cute and girly sweater that I can throw on for an effortless, yet polished look any day. Although my most successful finds were at Marshalls where I found 4 pairs of amazing shoes (2 of which were by my favorite brand Steve Madden), that were all under $10! I couldn't be any happier with all my new purchases and I would definitely recommend checking out these stores for some very fashionable, yet affordable clothes.

Top Row: (left to right) Nordtsrom Rack $11.80, T.J. Maxx $14.99, T.J. Maxx $16.99
Bottom Row: (left  to right) Marshalls $4.00, Nordstrom Rack $16.90. Marshalls $8.00, Marshalls $8.00,
Marshalls $7.50

OOTD: Abstract on White

Shirt- Burlington Coat Factory
Pants- Marshalls
Shoes- Marshalls
Bag- Target