Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall Fashion Must-Haves

Fall is right around the corner, and for me it is the perfect season, fashion wise. You get to start wearing all those cute boots, but you can still get away with wearing wedges. You can break out all those cool sweaters, but you can still wear those dresses you loved so much during the summer. Fall is an overall great season to really experiment with different trends, and you can get away with wearing pretty much anything. Since fall is approaching, I decided to share some of my favorite trends for this season. 

Smoking Shoes- This fall trend has to be one of my favorites. I absolutely adore the look of these shoes because they are so classy, yet trendy at the same time. And you can wear them with almost anything.
Dalmatian, Blue, Studded, Leopard, Red Trimming, Green, Black

Collars- I've personally always loved wearing collared shirts because I felt like they always instantly polished up my outfits and gave me a "prep-school" vibe. More recently I've been obsessing over peter  pan collars because they're just so cute and girly.
Sweater, Khaki Blouse, Bird Blouse, Dress, Denim, Bedazzled Collar, Black Collar

(Faux) Fur- Now this is more of a wintery trend but faux fur accents can still be incorporated into your fall wardrobe. Not only will fur keep you warm, but it will add some luxuriousness to a plain outfit.
Coat, Vest,  Leg Warmers, Earmuffs, Poncho, Collar

Burgundy- Looking through my closet I don't seem to have too many burgundy pieces, which is a surprise since I love the color. I think it screams fall to me and adds that bit of elegance and glamour to an outfit (especially when pared with crystal details). 
Blazer, Leggings, Knit Sweater, Dot Sweater, Shoes, Dress

Coated Denim- I like this trend because it's a more understated way to get the look of leather pants (which I'm loving this season). Coated denim is a nice alternative to plain jeans.
Dark Gray, Light Brown, Purple, Silver, Burgundy, Black, Red


  1. definitely must have! all of the pieces.
    followed you! hope you follow me back ))

  2. I'm loving coated denim right now, really want some waxed jeans.

  3. Agreed, these are all my fave fall trends! :D

  4. I have the Steve Madden leopard print loafers. i love them!!! cute blog too :)
    -jasmine o.

    follow and ill follow back :)

  5. Burgundy all the way!! In make up too :) Also, loafers. Totally craving them.

  6. I can't wait to rock these fall trends! Especially burgundy color. I've been looking everywhere for a nice pair of burgundy jeans. Soon .. ahah ! Great post! Keep up the good work!

  7. Great Pics! Keep up the good work!

    - Imani Talib

  8. Wow i love the smoking shoes and Burgundy color, there're very fashionable this season :)
    xoxo Onlyfashionforgirls